10 Reasons Why Physical Therapy Is Beneficial

10 Reasons Why Physical Therapy Is Beneficial

A professional physical therapy program can help individuals return to their previous level of functioning, as well as encourage lifestyle changes and activities that can help avoid further injury and improve the overall health and well being of the person. Doctors often refer patients to physical therapy since it is considered a conservative approach to managing such problems. Here are some ways physical therapy is beneficial.

Reduce Or Eliminate Pain

Manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercises like joint and soft tissue mobilization or treatments like taping, electrical stimulation or ultrasound can help relieve pain and restore joint and muscle function in order to reduce pain. There is also a chance that such therapies can prevent the pain from returning.

Avoid Surgery

Avoid Surgery

If physical therapy can help you heal from an injury or reduce or eliminate pain, surgery may not be required. Even if surgery is needed, there is a good chance that you might benefit from pre-surgery physical therapy itself. Besides, if you go into a surgery stronger and better, the recovery will take much less time in most cases. Health care costs are reduced significantly by avoiding surgery.

Improve Mobility

If you have difficulty in walking, moving or standing irrespective of your age, physical therapy can help. Strengthening and stretching exercises can restore the body’s ability to move. Physical therapists can fit individuals with a cane, crutches or other assistive devices, or assess orthotic prescription. By the customization of an individual care plan, any activity which is essential to the life of an individual can be practised and adapted to make sure maximum performance and safety.

Recover From A Stroke

Recover From A Stroke

It is quite common to lose a certain degree of function and mobility after suffering from a stroke. Physical therapy can improve gait and balance as well as strengthen weakened parts of the body. Physical therapists can also better the ability of a patient to transfer their weight and move around in bed so that they can be independent around the house and reduce their burden of care for bathing, dressing, going to the toilet and other activities of daily living.

Recover From Or Prevent A Sports Injury

Sports Injury

Physical therapists know how different sports can increase the risk for certain types of injuries like tendon tears for tennis players, stress fractures for distance runners etc. They can design appropriate prevention and recovery exercise programs so that you can have a safe return to your sport.

Improve Your Balance And Prevent Falls

Before starting with physical therapy, you will be screened for fall risk. If you are at high risk for falls, therapists provide exercises which can carefully and safely challenge the balance of the patient as a way to mimic real-life situations. Therapists also help with activities that can improve coordination and assistive devices which can help with safer walking.

Health and Fitness Tips for Women

Health and Fitness Tips for Women

To help women take care of themselves, below are some health and fitness tips that will help women in all walks of life. These are based on information gathered from personal experiences as well as from several legitimate sources. Therefore, irrespective of your age or health status, these tips will help increase your chances at better health and fitness all through life.


Having a good hearty breakfast not only provides the body with energy for the rest of the day but also kick starts the metabolic rate of the body. Therefore, you must put aside a few minutes in the morning to make something healthy to eat and set yourself up for a productive day.

Keep Calm And Hydrate

This is a tip that is often overlooked because it seems so basic, but it is one of the most crucial steps for a healthy life. Staying hydrated helps in healthy physical and mental function. Drink lots of water during the day as it is another critical factor in keeping yourself fit from the inside out.

Staying hydrated

To avoid dehydration, carry a water bottle around as a reminder. Hydrating yourself is a crucial step towards weight loss or maintenance since it not only decreases the feeling of hunger but also helps in eating less during meal times.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Healthy Weight

Weight loss is something that runs through the minds of most women. Even though quite distressing, maintaining or reaching a healthy weight is vital for your overall well-being. Being overweight can increase the risk of chronic diseases and can significantly reduce the quality of life. Hence, the best way to keep a healthy weight is by having a good relationship with food, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly.



The most common cause of death among women is heart disease. However, such diseases can be kept at bay by regular exercise. Women must make sure that they get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day in order to keep the heart functioning normally. Aerobic exercise, including walking, bicycling, dancing and jogging, are suitable for women’s health. As a matter of fact, any form of physical activity, even the usual running to the grocery store is better than doing nothing.

Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well

A large number of women are prone to neglecting their own dietary needs. They feel like they need to put the family’s needs first or they are simply too busy to stick to a set diet. However, you need to ensure that you get all the nutrients you require from the food you eat. You must have as close to a natural food diet as possible, which means a variety of fresh vegetables, whole grains, meat, fruits, fish, low-fat dairy products, poultry and lots of nuts. Among other things, women need lots of calcium to build healthy bones and teeth in order to keep them strong as they age. Good sources of calcium are grains, leafy green vegetables, dairy products, tofu, and cabbage.